Collection Days 

22nd or 23rd Dec 


In our new Pop up Shop

Preserves, chutneys, Free range Duck and Chicken Eggs 

Gifts and Hampers 

Hot drinks & Mince pies for sale 

Goats, Shetland ponies and Ducks for you all to see!



We believe in excellence and the only way to achieve this is to control all aspects of the production process. 


We receive the Ducklings as day old's and are kept in small ring batches under a gas brooder to eliminate cold spots and over crowding, we have formulated a cereal based diet to achieve a slow growing process to offer a fat marbling concentrated flavour.

When fully feathered and mature enough they then venture out on our grassy fields 

At full maturity with no food miles they are collected out of there sheds to our EC Licence factory, dry plucked, waxed and hand finished ready for the Christmas table 




We at Madgetts are passionate about producing the best Christmas Turkey, with up most regard for quality, welfare standards and the environment they live in.

They arrive at our farm as day old and settle in there safe, warm houses, until they are fully feathered, afterwards they are allowed to roam freely on our Holistic grassy fields

We chose a slower grown breed and rear them to full maturity, on a natural cereal diet, we dry-pluck hand finish and hang the birds for at least 7 days 

Our way of processing is a traditional method giving you a finest texture, suburb taste to make the best meal for you at Christmas 




A collection of the different areas we strive to perfect