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 Select Oven Temp Pre heat 180c

Fan Oven 160c

Aga Hot 

Bring the bird out of the Fridge and bring up to room temperature 

Cooking times are guidelines only 

Whole birds and crowns (based on a cooking in a standard oven)

4kg 1.5hrs 

5kg 2 hrs 

6kg 2.25hrs 

7-8kg 2.75hrs

9-10kg 3hrs

Cooking times are guidelines only

Bone and Roll Turkey 

1.5kg 1hrs

2kg 1.25hrs

3kg 1.55hrs

3.5kg 2.15hrs

How do you like yous 

if the temperature of the meat after standing for 30 mins is 

60c Its pink 

65c Its Perfect 

70c Its overcooked 

Whole Bird:

1Place bird in tin breast side down with 500ml of water and add veggies. Season well Do not Stuff Cook stuffing separately Do not cover 

2 Turn bird over half way through cooking Season again 

3 Pierce Cut through the skin between legs and the breast for juices to drain and thighs to cook 

4 Check temperature From halfway through cooking by putting thermometer half way through the thickest part of the meat 

Remove the bird from the oven when the temp reads 60c 

Leave the turkey to rest in the pan uncovered skim off the excess fat and use to make the tastiest gravy 

Enjoy your Madgetts Bird !

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